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Get Growing, Victoria!

Learning to grow food at home contributes enormously to food security and our community resilience, and the City of Victoria is responding to a renewed interest in learning to garden.


Get Growing, Victoria! provides food seedlings and garden materials to citizens in need including people disproportionally impacted by the ongoing pandemic. 

Now in its second year, the program is starting from seed again under the care and attention of City staff. Seedlings will be ready for distribution between May 17 and June 5, 2021 through public distribution days in each neighbourhood – check back here for more information.

In 2020, over 81,500 edible plant were grown and 200 cubic yards of garden materials were distributed, supported by over 44 community partners that directly served over 10,000 households.


Distribution dates:

May 17 - June 4

August 16 - September 3

Plant selection:

Tomato - Sweet Million

Tomato - Early Girl

Cucumber - Marketmore 76

Zucchini - Black Beauty

Broccoli - Green Magic

Chard - Eldorado

Kale - Lacinato

Mustard Green - Mizuna

Lettuce - Mix

Basil - Sweet Genovese


Nasturtiums - Salad Blend

Marigolds - Brocade Mix

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